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E-mail address
Seghezzo F.lli s.n.c.
Via Cavour, 1
16043 S. Margherita Ligure
Tel.+39 0185 287172
Fax +39 0185 287172

P.iva: 00168510998

A real must

Among the products on sale, "Seghezzo" suggests a series of home-produced articles, special delicacies to exalt the flavour of any food.
If you need to dress and enrich the most mouth-watering dishes, try Seghezzo's Ligurian olive oil: this fine olive oil has the scent of Liguria and fuses high quality with taste.
Another tasty savour that can't be missing from your products is pesto, with its delicate flavour, good for every kind of pasta.
For lovers of sweet liqueurs, Seghezzo produces two interesting fruit-based distillates: Mirtillino and Fragolino the first made with bilberries, the latter with strawberries; both can be served at the end of a meal to accompany a dessert, orwhilst entertaining your friends.

For real sweet-toothed gourmets, Seghezzo makes two kinds of fine fancy cakes: Ricci (soft, fragrant macaroons), wrapped in pretty, personalised paper; Cialde (delicate chocolate wafers), sold in old-fashioned wrapping that reminds one of times gone by.

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If you would like to know more about any product described in this section, contact "Seghezzo" by phone on 0185/287172 or fill in the contact form on the "REQUESTS" page, providing your details and the reason for contacting us, or write to us by email at the address info@seghezzo.it


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