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E-mail address
Seghezzo F.lli s.n.c.
Via Cavour, 1
16043 S. Margherita Ligure
Tel.+39 0185 287172
Fax +39 0185 287172

P.iva: 00168510998


The most popular section at "Seghezzo" is the Fruit and vegetables area.
Its intense colours and perfumes inebriate our customers: bright yellow grapefruits, pungently fragrant lemons and oranges, multicoloured apples of many varieties: Golden, orange tinted Royal, bright red Stark, sharply green Granny Smith.
At "Seghezzo" we sell all kinds of fruit: from our classic, sweet bananas to much sought-after avocados, to the best fruit for salads, such as mangoes and fruit used to prepare and decorate cakes, such as bilberries, strawberries, tasty raspberries, soft and juicy persimmons and the sweetest kiwis.
At Christmas these perfumes are enriched by the juiciest mandarins and clementines, grapes of any kind, bark-hued chestnuts, humble little hazelnuts and peanuts, which should never be missing from the table during the festive season.


Italian culinary tradition has always used vegetables and pulses generously.
Our shop, so well stocked with delicious early and seasonal fruit, will tempt you to stimulate your fantasy in the kitchen with salads enriched by best quality artichokes, Brussels sprouts for first courses or side-dishes, and beetroots to accompany meat dishes. Everything stands out like in a real garden: the curly cicory, white-leafed Belgian salad bright
red radishes and Camona Tomatoes, , Chioggia lettuce, curly endive and prickly lettuce; long horseradish roots and all kinds of spring onions.


Pulses embellish our shop-windows, reviving memories of the past; as a matter of fact, our pulses are kept in jute sacks in the fruit and vegetables section: red lentils, dried chestnuts, spelt, broad beans, peas and chickpeas.
With every step, sacks change colour: ivory Corona beans, Bramata flour, Iamon Borlotti beans, Cannellini beans and dried horse beans; the array of sacks constitutes an intense, changeable palette.

If you would like to know more about any product described in this section, contact "Seghezzo" by phone on 0185/287172 or fill in the contact form on the "REQUESTS" page, providing your details and the reason for your contact, or by email by writing to the address info@seghezzo.it

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