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This section is devoted to Cognac, Whisky, aperitifs, rum, sherry, syrups, herbal liqueurs, distillates and the best Champagne, because the consumption of these products is very different from that of wine, as their combination needs more attention, also with respect to food.
The list comprises labels of various kinds, from the best known drinks to some home-made ones.
In particular, "Seghezzo" has tried to create a distinction according to types. For example, among the whiskies, it is possible to find sweet and dry ones, Torbati (peat-treated), aged and chosen among the best labels, some Pure Malt and Blended varieties, the unmistakable style of Bourbon and finally, last but not least, some excellent Canadian and Irish whiskies.
As concerns brandy, the products are divided into two families: a list of wine and marc brandy, and a list of fruit distillates, both industrial and home-made; distillates that are
obtained through infusion or soaking of herbs and fruit, such as the classic Limoncello (lemon liqueur), Fragolino (strawberry liqueur), Mirtillo (bilberry liqueur) and liqueurs obtained from rare roots.
Among the variety of products listed by Seghezzo on this page, you can find some unique Cognacs and Armagnacs; all brands of herbal liqueurs and aperitifs, syrups, rums, the most exclusive brands of Sherry and Port.
Finally, when you need to toast to something really special, our Boutique offers Champagne from the best producers: Cristal, Dom Perignon, the luxuriantly scented Philipponat and the classic Perrier Jouet.

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