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E-mail address
Seghezzo F.lli s.n.c.
Via Cavour, 1
16043 S. Margherita Ligure
Tel.+39 0185 287172
Fax +39 0185 287172

P.iva: 00168510998

Service Items

For wine connoisseurs, Seghezzo suggests a range of articles that can help bring out the flavour of any wine: from the best brands of decanters for matured wines which need particular decanting, to specially-shaped glasses that allow a better perception of all the characteristics of wine. Don't miss our accessories to open a good bottle of wine, sold in sophisticated packaging: classy corkscrews that can make a very welcome and unusual gift. Another very interesting article is the drop-stop sheet, a thin aluminium sheet which is inserted inside an uncorked bottle and allows wine to be poured without losing one single drop.

If you would like to know more about any product described in this section, contact "Seghezzo" by phone on 0185/287172 or fill in the contact form on the "REQUESTS" page, providing your details and the reason for contacting us, or write to us by email at the address info@seghezzo.it

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